Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne

Commercial cleaning benefits

    We provide free quotes for our cleaning services
  • 02 Eco friendly products
    All cleaning products used by our cleaners are safe, natural and eco friendly.
  • 03 Experienced staff with police checks
    Our cleaners have extensive knowledge and many years of cleaning experience. They have police checks and clearance for working with children.
  • 04 First day free
    We do not charge for the first cleaning day
  • 05 Fully insured
    Our cleaning services are fully insured through Public liability Insurance. This means that you will receive full compensation if any accidents occur during cleaning which result in damage to your office premise.
  • 06 Quality control checks
    We provide our clients with customer feedback surveys. This tells us how satisfied our clients are with our services and any improvements we can make to ensure client satisfaction.
  • 07 Seven days customer support
    In case of emergencies we can be contacted 7 days each week day and evening.
  • 08 Tailored cleaning services
    We understand that every workplace will have different cleaning requirements. Therefore we tailor our cleaning services to your particular cleaning requirements.
  • 09 High quality service
    Every time you use our services you will receive a high quality service regardless of your cleaning requirements
  • 10 Affordable rate
    We offer high quality cleaning services at an affordable rate.
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Mark Leigh Cleaning Services is a Melbourne based business which specializes in providing efficient, reliable and high quality cleaning service to the commercial sector at an affordable price. Let us help you with all of your cleaning needs!



Mark Leigh Cleaning Services is a Melbourne based business which specializes in providing efficient, reliable and high quality cleaning service to the commercial sector at an affordable price. Whatever your business type, from offices, banks, post offices, medical centres through to retail, we can tailor our cleaning service to your business needs. Our aim is to not only attract new clients but to establish long term relationships with our clients. We achieve this by not only satisfying our clients’ needs but also exceeding their expectations. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At the moment we only service the following areas in Victoria – north, northeast, east, CBD.

  • Office

    If you are a business owner or office manager, you will be well aware of the many benefits of maintaining a clean office. Our Melbourne office cleaning services get it done for you.

  • Education

    In any educational institute cleanliness is a vital factor for maintaining the health of students and staff. Choose us for reliable school cleaning in Melbourne.

  • Hospitality

    In the hospitality industry cleanliness and hygiene are probably second to food quality in attracting new customers and retaining current customers.

  • Industrial

    Mark Leigh Cleaning Services provides a large range of factory and industrial cleaning services across all industries.

  • Aged Care

    In any aged care facility, cleanliness is very important for maintaining the health and safety of staff and residents.

  • Entertainment

    In the entertainment industry, cleanliness and hygiene are important for promoting a professional image and for maintaining the health of customers and staff.

  • Medical

    The cleaners at Mark Leigh Cleaning Services are experts in providing specialist medical cleaning of a high standard across health centres in Melbourne.

  • Retail

    Maintaining a clean retail establishment is crucial for your business image and the health and safety of customers and staff. Hire commercial cleaners for your store today.

  • Gym/ leisure

    Maintaining a clean and hygienic commercial gym or leisure centre should be a top priority for gym owners. Our commercial cleaners can help keep your gym in top shape.